Who is Maggie Zhu in R3R? Who is Maggie Zhu in R3R?

Since Maggie started her business in R3R International in March 2017, she has worked he way up to Senior Manager in R3R and has built her team from strength to strength. Choosing only to improve her business by bringing the best solutions for her clients’ facial and skin issues, Maggie has collected a growing collection of user testimonials and even seen her own fan-club grow.

Over time, her team has expanded beyond the shores of Singapore into Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Bhutan and recently China. Watch the video below and witness first hand how quickly you too might be able to build your business together with Maggie and her team here in R3R International! She was also promoted within 6 months to R3R General Manager in September 2017!


To get your products or sign up as a distributor, your best bet is to contact Maggie at +65 9853 1008 and get yourself started. Beauty and opportunity awaits you at the end of the call!